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Make sure you get the best home theatre advice.

We listen to your wants, needs and budget to deliver you the best home theatre possible. Make sure you are hiring professionals that specialise in home theatre design, sales, installation and consulting.


CALL NOW to book a free consult or job and one of our qualified staff will be happy to assist.

Let us show you what we do best!

  • Advice and knowledge is something we want to share with you. Make sure you have the latest sound and video formats like the cinema's are using.

  • Professional installation ensures you have a polished room that belongs in a magazine and leaves friends jealous.

  • We calibrate your room, surround sound and video to get every last bit of performance possible from your equipment.

  • Latest equipment that allows us to bring home to you the best results. We don't cut corners.


We are insured and qualified professionals!

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