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Watch Sport? Get Kayo!

You have probably seen Kayo advertising somewhere; they are pushing it hard. So, it got me curious, how would it go with our poor internet connections, has enough been invested into servers and hardware to support live streaming smoothly from a country the size of Australia?

I have a lot of customers who use Foxtel mainly for sports and let’s be honest, it is far from a great service. To test whether this is a better alternative I signed up. My place was also the ideal test grounds, we only have available ADSL2+ internet with a max down speed of 12Mbps and only at good times. Sign up to Kayo was streamline and simple enough when done from a computer.

I loaded it onto an Apple TV 4k. Like any new app, it takes some playing with to navigate around, but it is a simple, nice and functional menu. One feature that pops up when you first login to a new user is a feature asking if you would like spoilers to be hidden from you, I thought this was a great feature for sport fans. You can also have multiple user profiles under each account like Netflix which is good for households with multiple sport fans.

At sign up you have the option of two packages; Basic for $25 and Premium for $35 a month. I personally think they should change the name because “Basic” sounds like something is stripped out of the package, and it isn’t you get everything on both options, over 50 sports, Live and On Demand events. The difference is either 2 screens or 3 screens can be used at once. For most households, Basic will be enough.

Kayo Sports split screen on one TV

After navigating the menu and having a play, I found a very cool feature that a lot of die-hard sport fans will love, split screen! You can have up to 4 events playing at once on the one screen and easily flick the audio from one tile to another. If you were to set this kind of function up on Foxtel, you would need 4 Foxtel boxes and one of our very expensive automation solutions. Kayo executes this feature incredibly!

The next test was a live event, would the stream stay strong, clear and play without interruption on our incredibly slow internet connection? The short answer is, yes, yes it does, it was perfect! I watched the Formula 1 and had no issues what so ever.

Overall, we highly recommend anyone who watches sport to check out Kayo. No matter how you like to watch your sports, Kayo will have you covered. It has a slight learning curve like anything new, but the benefits are huge. The easiest way to think of Kayo, is Netflix for sports. If you think you may be interested but unsure if you can use it, or want a help setting it up we can help you if you are based anywhere from Gold Coast to Brisbane. Be sure to contact us.

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