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Picture Perfect Sound? Monitor Audio SoundFrame 2

Monitor Audio SoundFrame 2 On-Wall Speaker


- 3 Way Design

- 1 x 165mm Mid/Bass Driver

- 1 x 102mm Mid Driver with Dual Concentric 25mm C-CAM Tweeter

- 100 watts RMS, 8 ohms

- Dimension: 790H x 240W x 87.5D mm

- Frequency Response: 55Hz – 35kHz


- Well built

- Custom grill options

- Detailed sound with large presence

- Great for music and movies


- Must be mounted on the wall

First Impressions

Every individual part of these speakers is packed as well as you would expect with any high-end audio product. We got the piano gloss black ones to test and the finish on the frame is top notch, they are also available in gloss white. The frame itself comes in an exceptionally soft pouch that reflects the care and pride that was put into the manufacturing of these speakers.

The next thing that makes an impression is the size a weight of these speakers. Compared to other on-wall speakers, the Monitor Audio SoundFrame 2 On-wall Speakers are built very solid with a proper cabinet housing the drivers, not a plastic composite that many in this class use, and this translates to extremely impressive performance.

We should note at this point there is a SoundFrame speakers come in three sizes. The SoundFrame 1 and SoundFrame 3 respectively sit either side of the SoundFrame 2, go figure. The SoundFrame 1 is larger but has the same drivers. The SoundFrame 3 is a smaller 2 way speaker with a separate 25mm C-CAM tweeter and separate 4” mid-range, these are ideal for a surround speakers or low volume background music.

Monitor Audio SoundFrame 2 without grill


The Monitor Audio SoundFrame range comes with clear mounting instruction. If you are unsure or not able to hide your cables, give your local AV integrator or HiFi store a call, be sure to make sure to check their reviews, but every city usually has a few very good installers.

Once installed the SoundFrame speakers sit roughly 90mm out from the wall, so we recommend for aesthetics that if they are going either side of a wall mounted TV, you bring the front of the TV out to match the front distance of the wall mounted speakers. The speaker cable itself comes through from behind the speaker (see photo) and connects to a very generous sized binding post on the front side.

Performance and Sound

First, we tried these speakers with a bit of stereo music and no subwoofer. I must say I was extremely impressed to say the least. The soundstage and detail delivered by these on-wall speakers sounded more like a high-end bookshelf, not a traditional on-wall speaker. While they do benefit from a subwoofer, they certainly delivered very punchy and controlled performance. We don’t do super nerdy reviews with measuring equipment (mainly because I am just not that level of an expert), but I can confidently say these speakers are very comfortably delivering their 55Hz bottom end with no problem at all. For someone who does not want to go very loud or isn’t a bass fiend these speakers on their own will deliver a very detailed and pleasant stereo setup.

Adding a subwoofer and setting up the crossover in the receiver allowed the SoundFrame speakers to step up to whole new impressive level. We set it up with a Monitor Audio Bronze Centre and the matching Monitor Audio Bronze FX surround speakers, but you could use the SoundFrame 3 speakers as surround and another SoundFrame 2 as a wall mounted centre. Because these speakers share the same tweeter technology as the Bronze, they complimented each other very well. Movies had full sound and at loud volumes never seemed to struggle or distort.


Overall, the Monitor Audio SoundFrame 2 speakers impressed from the very start. I didn’t know what to expect before receiving them, but any expectations were exceeded. They perform better than any other on-wall speaker we have used in the past and they have incredible design and installation flexibility to suit the style of your room. If you want a speaker that disappears as artwork or want and on-wall speaker and don’t want to sacrifice sound quality, these are for you.

Highly Recommended

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