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Monitor Audio Vecta Review

Vecta V240 Indoor and Outdoor Speaker

Monitor Audio Vecta V240 Indoor and Outdoor Speaker

Let me start off by saying and declaring I am a fan of Monitor Audio products. However, when the great team at Interdyn hear in Australia recommended the Vecta speaker to me, I took a look at the Monitor Audio website and raised my concern and doubt about them.

I did what most of us do and have based my initial overview of the Vecta outdoor speakers on specs, images and pricing, not the actual product. To elaborate, I felt that based on the specs and the price, I would rather stick with the Monitor Audio Climate range. They seem to match the performance on paper, they perform fantastic in the real world and come in cheaper. Interdyn told me to shut up and take a pair to try! (not in those words, but that is what they should have said).

A couple days later the speakers arrived. The Vecta can be purchased as single speakers unlike their Climate counterparts. First thing I noticed was the look, they looked fantastic compared to traditional outdoor speakers. These look and feel fantastic, pictures don’t do them justice, they are certainly for the aesthetic conscious buy, but what about the performance?

Interdyn also shipped two of the different mounting options (there are three options in total, I got the V-Mount for flat surface and V-Corner for corner mounting). There is a negative here for me, the mounts must be bought separately to the speaker, and you can’t use the speaker without them, this is a very “Bose” move. However, upon inspecting the mounts, I can see why they are separate. To ship the Vecta with all options would be expensive and wasteful, these are very well engineered and made mounts, unlike Bose ones.

It was time to take down my Climate 80 outdoor Monitor Audio and replace them for a while with the Vecta speakers. The Climate 80 are the largest Climate speakers and do come in cheaper than a pair of Vecta’s with mounts. The mounts while very nice have a few install quirks about them when it came to installation, if you are confident with installing and handy, you will work it out and get them right. If not I recommend asking your dealer or the team at Interdyn to point you towards a integrator who can do this for you.

Speakers up it was time to finally hear how they go. Tidal is our go to source (either HiFi or Masters, naturally) for music. First thing that was really impressive and stood out was the clarity. Utilising Monitor Audio’s C-CAM tweeters these are some of the best tweeters in this price point. Next thing that stood out was the sound field that these speakers generated. The Vecta’s projected a very wide field of sound in a large outdoor area. For two speakers these perform incredibly and if you have a large area these will impress and should be on your list.

To sum up, these speakers are for the person who wants a large sound field, clarity and have design cues that must be met. These would be perfect for a Hampton style home or for commercial settings such as cafes and restaurants. If you don’t mind the size of the Climate 80 and look, after pure function, then I would still lean towards them and they will be staying in my personal setup. The Vecta’s are up there with the best outdoor speakers we have heard.

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