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Painting Tips for Your Theatre Room

Go with a Matte or Low Sheen Finish

Before even thinking about what colour to paint your theatre room, start by choosing the right finish. To ensure optimal viewing in your home theatre, it's important to limit the number of reflective and shiny surfaces that light can bounce off in the room. Covering your walls with a glossy or satin finish paint makes them highly reflective and causes light to travel around the room, so it will interfere with the colour and quality of your projector screen's picture. Instead, choose a paint with a flat or matte finish, which is much less likely to reflect light and affect the image. This includes furnishings such as cabinets.

Choose a Neutral Color

Choosing the right colour paint for your theatre room is almost as important as choosing a flat finish. Using certain colours on the wall, such as rich shades of blue, green or yellow, can distort the colours on your projector screen. Flesh tones may appear slightly yellow or blue with one of these colours on the wall, while natural elements, like the sky and grass, may also take on an unnatural hue that distorts the realism of the screens picture. On the other hand, using a neutral colour for your media room's walls actually helps maintain accurate colours on your screen. However, it's important to choose a darker neutral shade since lighter colours are going to reflect light. Go with a mid to dark shade of grey or black for the best viewing experience in your media room. If you want an authentic theatre feel, basic black works great!

Paint the Ceiling!

In most rooms of the home, white paint is used for the ceiling no matter what colour the walls are painted. However, in a theatre room, a white – or any other pale colour – ceiling will reflect the light and cause it to bounce downward across your projector screen. Instead of white, paint your theatre room's ceiling the same dark neutral shade that you use on the walls, or even better, matte black. It cuts back on the glare and keep the screen's colours true.

Behind the Screen

The most critical walls is behind the projector screen. After all the effort of hiding speaker cable’s, having a professional setup your surround sound properly with the latest Dolby Atmos system, you don’t want a sub-par picture because you made the wrong colour choice. A black wall behind the projector screen is going to give you the best contrast, colour saturation and brightness. If you want to add something a little special, this is a great place to make a subtle feature with some textured wall paper or something that will also help with the room acoustics, utility carpet or if you really want to give your theatre something special, some black acoustic panels from Artnovion, these will help in a massive way with room acoustics too.

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Home theatre with dark paint scheme and acoustic panels

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