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New SVS 2000 Pro Series - Just Get One!

SVS is known for making great subwoofers that perform well beyond their price tag. The 2000 series for most people has always represented a sweet spot where you get performance, low bass that punches hard and with authority.

PC-2000 Pro Series Subwoofer front alone
SVS PC-2000 Pro Series Subwoofer

It is at a price that does take some serious consideration for most people, but whenever we have left one in someone’s home for a demo (normally when they haven’t even asked to try one) they won’t give it back.

So it seems as a bit of a surprise that this range is being updated, but that is what makes a company like SVS great, why they are leaders in their market and why they continue to win awards.

One thing that stands out about when you read SVS specs and then experience their subs is that either A. SVS under spec their performance or B. most the other subs on the markets are lying. I don’t know what the answer is, I don’t care, all I know is that there is a subwoofer in the range that will not fail to impress even the most picky of audio or home theatre enthusiast.

When we look and compare the specs of the new 2000 Pro series vs. the “Old” 2000 series it stands to reason this will be a vastly improved product.

- 2000 Pro series has built is app control with the SVS Subwoofer DSP Control app that is usually found only on their higher models

- Power has stepped up to 550W RMS, from the old models 500W

- Peak power for the big explosions and big impact scenes has stepped up from 1100W to a massive 1500W

- Dual ports on the PB-2000 Pro, this helps for lower frequency response now hitting as low as 16Hz

- New driver design, with new technology comes lighter and more rigid materials, this translates to better accuracy and quicker response. Couple that with the extra power, this thing will move!

If you don’t have an SVS subwoofer, or have an original 2000 series or 1000 series, you should ask your AV guy or local store to demo the new one for you at your home, or better yet, just get one! We are willing to bet you won’t be disappointed.

SVS Pro Series subwoofers front in a group
The SVS 2000 Pro Series Range

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