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What TV Bracket Do I Need?

This is one question we hear a lot from people we help. There are different options for different purposes and TV sizes. There are three main categories of TV wall brackets; fixed wall bracket, tilt wall bracket and articulated wall bracket. We are going to run through each category and then you can make a more informed decision on what will best suit your needs.

Keep three things in mind when thinking about what TV wall bracket will best suit your needs:

1. Safety – This is the most important. Questions to ask yourself are what size and weight is my TV? Do I have a wooden studs, steel frame or cement wall? Do I have the skill to do this safely so it doesn’t fall off and injure a child or pet?

2. Function – Make sure the best viewing angles are achieved while being able to watch the TV from a natural position. Where will the TV be viewed from? What height am I sitting? Will I need to move the TV at all?

3. Aesthetics – The TV needs to be wall mounted to ensure it looks fantastic in the room and not out of place. What lines of the room am I following? What am I centering the TV to; a wall or sitting position? Is the wall bracket I am using going to give the best look?

Fixed TV Wall Bracket

Fixed Wall Bracket

Fixed brackets are without a doubt the most common, best value and generally provide the best all round solution. Safety wise they offer a large mounting base to secure to the wall. They suit TV’s of any size and allow for the most generous positioning on a wall. If you are wanting to mount your TV on a wall directly in front of the main viewing position, this is your best choice. These brackets will ensure the TV stays in a fixed position and aesthetically look the best. They also have a minimal gap between the back of the TV and wall.

Sanus Tilt Bracket

Tilt Wall Bracket

Tilt brackets offer many of the same pros as a fixed wall bracket, but allow your TV to tilt forward. These are useful for if the TV is being mounted high in a bedroom or above a fireplace. They have more of a gap between the back of the TV and wall because of the tilt mechanism. Only use these if you are going to tilt your TV forward.

Full Motion Articulated Bracket

Articulated Wall Bracket

These brackets have arms and extend to move around, also known as a full motion bracket. This is the bracket people most often get wrong. A lot of people think they will be moving their TV to be viewed from different areas. These brackets need the most consideration. You will find the bracket useful if the TV is being mounted in the corner of a room or the TV is going to be moved often to aim different ways. This is normally only the case in outdoor areas. Things to consider with these mounts are size of the TV, is the TV going to moved or remain stationary (across a corner) and what is your wall constructed of. We will be doing a more in depth buying guide article on articulated brackets soon.

If you are still unsure of what bracket to use (especially where safety is concerned), a good AV installer will be able to offer you great advice and guidance. Together you can come up with a solution that will be safe, functional and look great.

Feel free to contact us for any advice, a quote or to book a job.

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